Repetitive Hair Disorder

too much spare time – not enough spare time

Category: micropoetry


Oh me balls are very tender
if you kickmeinumiturts,
please don’t kick me in the

(to be sung in the style of an old-time music hall act)

(c) Colin Lichen 2013

Not #3

Not delayed,

(c) Colin Lichen 2013

Not #2

Not relaxing;

(c) Colin Lichen 2013

Not #1

Not choosing;

Amateur Muso

In his head a star: big car and fans galore
but he missed the kickoff, never scored at all during the fame game
so now he’s a cabby, happy enough,
and in his big car, sometimes,
a star.

(c) Colin Lichen 2013

This morning

I noticed spring;
her presence betrayed
by a careless red fleck
upon the village green.

(c) Colin Lichen – 2013


Does familiarity the joy
of birdsong dilute;
are the aphonic demands
of the crow not welcomed
when the surrogate is silence?

(c) Colin Lichen – 2013

Just Checking

No new email messages.
Delete as applicable.

(c) Colin Lichen – 2013

Down Boy

Dark dog’s watching,
biding his time,
waiting his chance;
ennui’s earthly envoy,
footfalls echoing mine.

(c) Colin Lichen – 2013

Lookout Post at Dover

Grey eyes squint from a tired white face,
permission to stand down not yet received.

(c) Colin Lichen – 2013